Yuki Mizu Kumo - aikido

These are some aspects we like to emphasize on in our training at Yuki Mizu Kumo:

Ki. Life-energy. Can be cultivated, focussed and projected, extended Ki.
Center/Hara/Tanden. Establish, maintain and move from the center.
Breathing. Breath deeply,contraction/expansion, establish center.
Honest intention. Our technique is a reflection of what is in the mind and heart, positive attitude.
Posture. Stable, dropped weight.
Clear mind. Ready to anticipate, awareness.
Ukemi. Breakfall/rolling. Receive, protection, removal of fear, escape.
Metsuke. Soft eye focus, not really looking at anything, environmentally aware.
Blending. Synchronize our timing, speed and force with that of our partner.
Warming up. Meditation, suppleness of muscles, joint-flexibility, coordination, endurance, sabaki (basic body-movements).
Jo/Bokken. Weapon training, wooden stick, wooden sword, kata-forms.
Hojoken. Poetry in motion, kata, breathing, posture.
Nature. Study nature